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Our school uses SchoolMind, a School Management Software integrating students, teachers and parents in a seamless and productive way. Taking advantage of both mobile and web platforms, SchoolMind advances the school experience overall.

SchoolMind is a school management software with mass customization features which aspires to develop strong relationship between parties on the basis of individualization. Teachers can see students’ data in a clear, user friendly interface and provide timely and simple feedback to students and parents, while parents can also be in an open communication with teachers.

The software is also designed to develop your child’s sense of responsibility. Child psychiatrists indicate that it is a serious mistake to remind of doing homework to the children and dominate them. Methods such as asking your child’s classmates about homework and course follow up may lead ultimately to destruction of mutual trust and responsibility with your child. By making it compatible with educational psychology, SchoolMind builds an area of responsibility that is independent of each other for all users.

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Check your grades, keep track of absences, homework, remember when the next exam is scheduled and much more through the SchoolMind desktop and mobile app.


Dedicated Apps

SchoolMind provides a dedicated app for students, parents and teachers, each having unique features beneficial for the user and being available for both Android and iOS.

Daily Timetable

You can see the daily lesson plan and time schedule on the Dashboard. Lessons are designed with a colorful interface, easily distinguished from each other.


Students can see the distribution of notes in the grading system and the total success in a simple and chart friendly interface.


You can see on which days and at which hours you are not attending classes in the detailed list for each class. A detailed report is also available.


Track your own behaviour with SchoolMind, collect points and get motivated to be more active in class.


A chart friendly system that explains the method, date, and content of assignments. Students can organize their responsibilities much easier.


Students are encouraged to contact and to be in a bilateral relationship with teachers through messaging. It features also announcements, homework, reminders etc.

Social Channels

You can ask about marks, attendance, exams and homework via Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and Telegram for both students and parents.